"Your name is page?!...Like 'go to page 24'?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

-Conversation with a second-grade learner

Since I have this domain, I thought I might as well make a website. If nothing else, it will be a nice, or perhaps more likely, embarrassing thing for my future self to reflect on.

Without further ado, I will now curate this website under the not-so-probable assumption that someone besides my older self is looking at it!

I am currently a senior at UCLA. Among other things, I am passionate about the work I do for Project Literacy. Please check out our website here to learn more about our mission!

Academically, I am interested in the intersect between health, biotech, and law. To any prospective or current UCLA students with similar interests, I highly recommend the Human Biology and Society major!


Professional Experience

Paige Hardy

Professional Skills


Shoot me a message today! I will definitely be surprised.

Hello. My name is


I have experience conducting not only academic, but also legal research.

Quick Facts

BA, Spanish

Nardiello Law Firm, PC.
Legal Assistant  
Conducted extensive legal research regarding precedent and current legislation
Drafted introductory letters for firm’s correspondence and prepared documents for use in cases
Spring 2018 - Present
Summers 2013-2017


Leadership and Coordination

BA, Human biology and society
 Concentration in bioethics and public policy

Age: 21
HOMETOWN: Newport Beach, CA
Human Biology and Society, BA Spanish, BA

Both from UCLA


I speak, read, and write proficiently in Spanish. I also know a few words and phrases in Russian, Malayalam, and French, though not ones with much utility. 


Along with a faculty mentor, I put together and led an upper division class about issues in education. I also am the co-executive director of a non-profit organization.  

Kenneth W. Hardy OD Inc.                                                                             
Optometric Technician                                                                                     

Conducted preliminary patient exams, including glaucoma screening and auto-refractions
Spearheaded office’s conversion to electronic scheduling system
Billed for and navigated insurance policies for patients, primarily VSP, MES, and Spectera
Generated and analyzed internal reports to identify patient benefit opportunities
 Trained 5+ new employees in office procedures and organizational systems