For podcasts:

-Fascinating interviews with experts, discussing everyday psychological phenomena. Listen to Hidden Brain

-A quick take on the day's news, both in the U.S. and abroad. Try out Up First.

-Cute brotherly dynamic, advice, and dad jokes. Listen to Dear Hank & John when you don't want to listen to music or anything explicitly educational. 

For articles online:

-A combination of two of my main interests, bioethics and Spanish. Read some of Arnoldo Kraus's web-series, Bioetica, here.

-Interesting articles and fun cartoons, spanning topics from SpaceX to long email delays. Check out WaitButWhy

For Recipes:

-Great, easy, healthy recipes with an entertaining intro. Here is a link to Well Plated. I especially recommend the banana muffins!

-A recipe for good turkey burgers. Add some sun-dried tomatoes. That's about all I have to say on this one. 


Need recommendations from a stranger online?

​Look no further.